"An elemental triangle elevated by unusually detailed attention to nonverbal psychological cues, AUGUST is a gay romantic drama that's sexy without feeling like a flimsy excuse to bare well-toned skin... "

"A strong but subtle directorial hand.. "

"Tonally and texturally, (director) Rapaport conveys myriad layers of truth, trust, love and lust... "

Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Ravishing!” — George Heymont, The Huffington Post

“Must see film of Outfest.” — Greg Hernandez, Frontiers Magazine

“A very sexy film about the perils and pleasures of reuniting with one’s ex.” — Gary Kramer, Frontiers Magazine

“Compelling.” — Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly

“Heat is generated in more ways than one in this highly tuned romantic drama. The acting is superb, and the film is beautifully photographed. Director and writer Eldar Rapaport has crafted an intelligent, well-written, realistic circle of characters.” — Edge Magazine

"August brings heat and sizzle to the often-cliched gay theme of the love triangle, delivering a fresh spin on some age-old issues: monogamy, relationships, and free love." — Flavorpill Los Angeles

"Must See Film.." —

Interview with lead actor Adrian Gonzalez (Raul) — Out Magazine

"A beautifully shot film set in Los Angeles and centers on two ex-lovers whose passions are reignited... With a non-linear and interwoven narrative, this film is much more than a simple love triangle... Israeli-American filmmaker of AUGUST, Eldar is being featured at Outfest as one of the “Four in Focus” filmmakers presenting their feature film debuts." — Jewish Journal

““August“ is one of the sexiest movies that played at Frameline." — Progressive Pulse Blog

Interview with Director Eldar Rapaport -

"(Eldar Rapaport) is an expert director, who manages to tease out a captivating aesthetic in the film without it ever feeling inorganic or misplaced. In fact, the direction really drives the feel, look, and pace of the feature perfectly."

"..The film doesn’t solely concern itself with looking pretty. Behind its artsy veneer is a well observed story. The narrative finely picks through the emotions, motives, and manipulations of Troy, Jonathan, and Raul as they battle through their awkward love triangle."

- James Waygood, SoSoGay Magazine

Interview with Murray Bartlett (Troy) - James Waygood, SoSoGay Magazine

"Sharp direction and understated performances make this drama far more evocative than we expect. And its resonance goes beyond the sexuality of the characters, as it beautifully captures the emotions that linger long after a relationship ends." - Rich Cline, Shadows On the Wall